Strategies for NEET preparation – Weightage of Topics, Best Books, Apps

The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) UG, conducted by NTA for the candidates who want to pursue their UG from medical courses all over India. The number of students every year increases for seeking careers in medical sciences. For this candidates must have proper strategies for neet preparation of coming Neet exam 2022. In the article below are some NEET exam details mentioned for candidates to prepare for the entrance exam.

Strategies for NEET preparation

Tips for NEET Preparation

As the year passes, candidates applying for the medical entrance exam are rising, and approx 15 lakhs candidates are appearing every year. So to get admission to medical college proper strategies to study and best preparation are required.
For that proper study planner, hard revision, mastering NCERT books of 11th & 12th, mock test, previous papers practice is needed.
Targets should be set according to the capability of the candidate. Aiming for high targets may disappoint the candidate and will also affect the performance. The candidate must build well documented, customized plan for all the weak and strong points and a proper work schedule. Well, the study schedule for neet preparation includes the proper timing for all the subjects in NEET. The subjects are- Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Mention below are the preparation tips followed by experts-

Knowing NEET Syllabus 2022

The very first step the candidate must know is the syllabus that forms the base of the study schedule of the exam from the official website of NEET. If the candidate was unaware of the proper syllabus the entire preparation and time gone wasted. Candidates can compare the NEET syllabus with the board exams syllabus as most of the chapters are common in both of the exams. By this dividing, the time to each subject accordingly can be done only when the candidate knows the syllabus. Extra time for the remaining topics.

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Important Syllabus Topics for NEET

NEET Syllabus for PhysicsNEET Syllabus ChemistryNEET syllabus Bio
MechanicsMole ConceptGenetics
OpticsPeriodic TableCell Biology
ThermodynamicsGeneral Organic ChemistryMorphology
Nuclear PhysicsCoordination ChemistryEcology & Environment
SemiconductorsChemical BondingReproduction
Modern PhysicsChemical Equilibrium and AcidsBasics of Biotechnology
Rigid Body DynamicsP Block elementsPhysiology of Animals & Plants

Note: These are only the important topics from the subjects which have high weightage. Candidates must study the whole syllabus as it is mandatory.

Subject-wise Preperation Strategy

  • Physics- This is the subject where the majority of the candidates find difficulty. This happens due to a lesser practice. Candidates are so much into the other subject like chemistry and biology that they got exhausted doing physics. As this subject decides the rank in the competition. So, the basic strategy to do physics is from NCERT. Study thoroughly through that book first and then move further to nay other material.
  • Chemistry- This is a much easier section than physics and also more scoring. Less time-consuming and preparation from the books of 11th and 12th class NCERT is more than enough for this entrance exam. After completing these books candidates can switch over the helping books.
  • Biology- The majority of the students have this section as their favorite one and they spend a lot of time here only. Due to this candidates cannot score good marks in other sections. preparation for this subject is best from the NCERT books of both 11th and 12th classes. Regularly do a revision of the syllabus without skipping.

Which Books to study for NEET

The most important point for the preparation for any exam is the good study material. Although, the best preparation book for medical entrance among all is NCERT. But for further preparation candidates can ask their teacher for the best books or by asking the medical students who have already given the exams. By watching the interviews of the toppers, candidates get the idea of the best books. Apart from all here are the best books mentioned for the neet preparation-

Problems in General Physics by I.E. IrodovModern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R. C. MukherjeeObjective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. II & Vol. IIOrganic Chemistry – MConcise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Leeorrison and BoydTrueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – I and Volume – II
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & WalkerOrganic Chemistry – Peter SykesAC Dutta for Botany
Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. VermaPhysical Chemistry for Medical Entrance by OP TandonBooks by T.L Rayar
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. I (Mechanics. Radiation and Heat)Organic Chemistry – M. S. Chauhan11th and 12th NCERT textbooks

NEET Preparation Timetable 2022

Here are some tips for the right neet preparation timetable to study for the exam-

  • Study for atleast 8-9 hours self-study in a day.
  • Take breaks in between for relexation. Don’t study countinously for hours.
  • Sleep for atleast 6-7 hours in a day.
  • Manage the time revision also everyday.
  • Take proper care of your health. For this do normal exercise or yoga with nutertious diet.

Solving NEET Previous Year Paper

One of the biggest challenges for the candidates appearing for the examination is time management. Only 3 hours are allotted for 180 questions i.e. 1 min per question. This criterion happens in almost all competitive exams.

  • Many experts advise solving various neet previous year papers. On solving these papers candidates can better understand the types of questions asked in the examination and also check the time management.
  • Solving these papers also improve the candidate’s accuracy and speed levels.
  • Candidate also get an idea about the question pattern, difficulty level of questions, and chapter-wise weightage in the exam.
  • On solving these papers candidate can also mark out their weak and strong areas/topics.
  • Cnadidate muct need to solve the previous year papers or mock tests regularly in the same environment of the examination without any disturbance.

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How to preparation for NEET Exam

  • Firstly, perpare a proper time-table to complete your syllabus of complete year with enough time for revision and tests.
  • Also prepare the complete day schedule for studies. Remember every day and night is important for the exam.
  • Don’t switch to different materials. Stick to a good book or study material and revise it regularly.
  • Candidate first priority book must be NCERT, and every one must complete this before switching to soem other study material.
  • Candidate must make NEET preparation notes and write down the important points as it is the best way to improve memory skills and also the best option for the fast revision of important points before exam. This also avoids candidates to get confuse before the time of exam.
  • Candidate must solve the previous year paper of neet as it help the candidates to point out the weaker topics to work upon and also helps in time management.
  • Most of the thing are relatively difficult to learn or to remember. In that case candidates must use the codes to remember them or is can be the trick to solve the question faster.
  • Do analysis of each and every test. See the mistakes and learn from it. As the preraration is not completed until mistakes are not corrected.
  • Candidate can maintain seperate copy of formulae. Like formulaes of Chemistry and physics. this will help in the revision.
  • And the most important, candidate must take a good care of their health.

Mistakes during NEET Preparation

  • Candidates not following the Time-table – candidates must have to follow the daily schedule for the prerparation of exam strictly without skipping anything. This helps in systametic stydy in proper time.
  • Tuff schedule – Candidates must follow the schedules which have proper intervals of breaks without long hours of studying. Countinous studying mey lead to fatugue, no longer retention of memory and all. So proper breaks between studies are required.
  • Don’t ignore NCERT – every year almost majority of part comes form the NCERT textbooks. So, it a very big mistake to ignore it.
  • Switching books to books – many candidates study from many books at a time. Due to which they get confused. So, concerned with one good book or reference book for studying.
  • Subject ignorence – when the topice is of the entrance exam like NEET, candidates never ahve to skip any of the subject or any of the topic in the subject.
  • Not making notes – many of the candidates just read the material and move to further topics without preparing any notes or writting down important points. This type of studying may not retain for longer time. So, always make notes, write down important points and write formulaes for quick revision and to avoid confusion.

Best online platform for NEET

Candidates have the option for online studies from home also. Here are some of the best neet online platforms for neet preparation-

1. Byjus + Aakash
  • Most popular and good platform for neet preparation preparation.
  • Provides study material, printed notes, test series, vedio lactures, doubt classes, online intraction with experts etc.
  • Also provide 24/7 support for any problem.
                       Website - Byjus
2. Allen DLP
  • This platform is famous from one one the best medical preparation platform.
  • It has a distance learning program(DLP) for the online candidates.
  • It provides schedule test, gives study material, doubts classes and more.
                       Website - Allen
3. NEET Prep
  • This platform trains the candidates for for medical careers.
  • It provides schedule test, gives study material, doubts classes and more.
  • It also provides the NCERT ebook and neet preparation books pdf.
                       Website - NEET Prep
4. Youtube

Many channels on youtube are there that train the candidates for the medical entrance exam.

  1. Unacademy NEET
  2. NEET 101
5. NEET Preparation Telegram channel

There are various channels which give material for the neet preparation and all give all the details and much more.

  1. Unacademy NEET
  2. NEET 101

Apps for NEET Preparation

In the present era, there is many android application that is available on the internet which is basically for giving the study material, tips, previous papers, mock tests, etc. This neet preparation best app list is given below with the full description and download links.

1. Byjus – The learning app
  • The most popular application gives the candidate extensive range of study material and parctice papers.
  • Vedio lactures and notes are also available.
  • Youtube vedio links are also there.
  • Students and intract with the experts for problems.
2. NEET Guru
  • This mobile application provides approx. 25k question of all the three subjects.
  • This app also provide vedio lactures linkes of youtube.
3. NEET Perperation Offline
  • This mobile application provides the sample paper test and previous year papers.
  • The best feature of this application is candidates can operate it without internet also.
  • The accumulates the scores anf gives the percentage after every test.

NEET 2021 Exam Analysis

Many of the famous platforms already released the of the neet ug exam by the various subject experts. This analysis helps the candidates in better preparation for the coming exam.

  • Pervious year paper was moderaltely difficult, said by experts and toppers.
  • Among all the three subjects, Physics was difficult followed by Chemistry which is moderately difficult and then Biology which is relatively easier.
  • In the section of Physics, numericals are relatively difficult then the questions from the theory part.
  • Among the section of Biology, experts says that Zoology was easier then Botany.
  • Mechanics and Electrostatics were the two prominent topics in the physics section.
  • In the Chemistry part, majority of the questions are reactions based.
  • Due to moderate level of difficulty of 2021 neet question paper, the drop in the cut off is seen. The cutoff scores for the general category are 710-147 in the year 2020, it was 701-134 in the year 2019.

NEET Tips by Toppers

  • Candidates muct focus on the concepts behind the question asked, not just applying the formulae or the shotcut.
  • Stay positive and be confident before the days of exam and at the day of exam. Avoid silly mistakes and dont take extreme pressure on yourself.
  • Clear your doubts immediatley, dont delay them.
  • Option selection for the if candidates dosen’t know the answer. Then in that case among 4 candidate can able to select 2 among them which have more changes for right answer.
  • Correct, effective and speedy filling of OMR sheet.
  • Use the charts, tree or table method to learn the topics which are difficult to learn.
  • Create the small codes for the thing which are difficult to remember or learn then by relate them form some other remembrable memory.
  • While attempting the paper always remember to have a normal speed so that paper can be completed in the given time.
  • Always prepare self notes that are beneficial at the time of revision.

Tips for NEET 2022 before exam

  • Don’t go for the topics you haven’t studied. Revise the studies topics, important points and formulas.
  • Daily basis revision of important topics as well as formulas help in revision before the exam.
  • Always schedule your day for the preparation. Set realistic goals and prepare and revise form notes.
  • Many of the topics in the syllabus have very long way for the solution. Try to find the short way to solve as to save the time.
  • Go through the paper in the reading time and prepare the atempting startegy for solving the paper.
  • Take a good care of your health and mind as it directly affect your performance in exam.
  • Always practice previous papers and mock test on regular basis.


What is neet preparation?

It is preparation for the all-India level entrance exam to get admission in medical college, for which lakhs for candidates apply every year.

Which app is best for neet preparation?

Mobile apps like Byjus, NEET Guru, Neet preparation, etc are the best applications for neet preparation. These also have good rating scores.

Can we prepare for neet without coaching?

Yes, it is possible to prepare without neet coaching via various online methods and doing self-study.

From when should I start preparing for neet?

The best time for neet preparation is from class 11th as the syllabus from this class comes in the neet followed by the syllabus of class 12th.

How to start neet preparation from zero level?

Start by seeing the syllabus of the NEET entrance exam. the start studying from the NCERT books of all the subjects and solve problems based on the topics studied. Practice previous year’s papers and mock tests for better preparation.

How much time needed for neet preparation?

As the NEET syllabus comprises both 11th and 12th class, so at least 7-8 months time needed to complete the syllabus and 3-4 months for practice and revision.

How many hours required for neet preparation?

Students must have a daily schedule for the preparation and must study for at least 9-10 hours a day.

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