NEET Paper 2021 Download (Answer key) available

NEET 2021 paper is released on 12/09/2021 in 13 different languages and. Release timings are between 2 pm – 5 pm. After completing the exam candidates take the booklet with them. NEET 2021 exam paper this year has come in four different sets (E, F, G, H) and each set has six subsets like E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6, etc. As this year paper has come in 13 languages which basically are of Black and White color. Apart from this 11 regional languages are there in which paper came. These regional languages paper has different colors yellow, green, blue, etc. From this article, neet question paper pdf download with answers are available.

Neet Paper 2021

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Steps to Download NEET Question Paper

Candidates can download the official NEET question paper just by following these steps-

  1. Go on to official NEET website.
  2. In the current events section, check if the question paper available.
  3. If available, the carefully check the code and language.
  4. Then directly download it.

NEET 2021 Question paper pattern

This year NTA has made some changes to the NEET question paper. These changes include the addition of extra 20 questions which are optional in the exam. These questions are given 5 per subject but not all questions in the particular subject are placed in the optional category. NTA has made sections in the paper. For more clear details go through the pattern explain in the table.

SubjectSectionNo. of QuestionsMarks
PhysicsSection A
Section B
(5 optional)


ChemistrySection A
Section B
(5 optional)


BotneySection A
Section B
(5 optional)


ZoologySection A
Section B
(5 optional)


Total200 questions720 marks


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NEET 2021 Question Papers

This year’s neet ug question paper consists of 200 questions. Among these questions, the candidate has to attempt 180 questions only. Each subject of the paper is divided into 2 sections (A and B). Section A has 35 questions that are mandatory to solve and section B has 15 questions (10 mandatory and 5 optional). Like this, all subjects have the same division. This made the candidate score better but reading 20 questions extra is difficult in a given time.

NEET 2021 Paper CodeQuestion PaperAnswer Key
M3Download PDF – M3Available Soon
N3Download PDF – N3 Available Soon
O2Download PDF – O2 Available Soon
P2Download PDF – P2 Available Soon
P3Download PDF – P3 Available Soon

NEET 2020 Question Papers

Here are the question papers for NEET 2020 which consists of E, F, G, and H with their 6 subsets. Download 2020 neet question paper with solutions.

NEET 2020 Question paper Answer key
CODE: ↓E1E2E3E4E5E6Download answer key
CODE: ↓ F1F2F3F4 Download answer key
CODE: ↓ G1G2G3G4G5G6 Download answer key
CODE: ↓ H1H2H3H4H5 Download answer key

NEET Question Paper of 2019

Here are the question papers for NEET 2019 which consists of P, Q, R, and S with their 6 subsets. Download 2019 neet question paper with solutions and answer key.

NEET 2019 Question PaperAnswer Key
CODE: ↓ P1P2P5Download Answer key
CODE: ↓ Q1Q5Q6 Download Answer key
CODE: ↓ R1R3R5R6Download Answer key
CODE: ↓ S1S2S6Download Answer key

NEET Question paper of 2018

Here are the question papers of NEET 2018 which consists of 20 codes. Download 2018 question papers with the answer key.

NEET 2018 Question Paper

NEET 2017 Question Papers

Here are the question papers of NEET 2017 which consists of 12 codes. Download 2017 question papers with the answer key.

NEET 2017 Question paperAnswer Key
CODE: WDownload Answer key
CODE: XDownload Answer key
CODE: YDownload Answer key
CODE: ZDownload Answer key

NEET Question Papers 2016

Here are the question papers of AIPMT/NEET of both phases 1 and 2 of various sets. Download 2016 question papers with the answer key.

Phase of ExamQuestion paper 2016Answer Key
AIPMT/NEET 2016 Phase 1Code B/Q/X
Code C/R/Y
Code D/S/Z
Download answer key
AIPMT/NEET 2016 Phase 2Code AA
Code ZZ
Code XX
Code RR
Download Answer key

Last 10 Years AIPMT Papers

Here is the downloadable list of the last 10 years’ AIMPT papers with solutions and answers. Click on the links to download-

Question PapersDownload with solution and answers
AIPMT Sample Paper 2015 (Retest)download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2015download
NEET UG Sample Paper 2013download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2012download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2011download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2010
AIPMT Sample Paper 2009download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2008download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2007download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2006download
AIPMT Sample Paper 2005download


Method for marks calculation of NEET

A simple method to calculate marks obtain in the neet test or any sample test just involves the following steps-

  • The correct answer marks according to neet= 4
  • One wrong answer marks according to neet= -1
  • No marks are reduced or gained on not attempting any question.
Marks obtained = (Total no. of correct answers x 4)- (total wrong answers)

What are the benefits of solving previous year question papers?

Every candidate has to solve the previous year’s question papers before facing the final exams. Before solving these papers make sure that the candidate is ready to solve the papers as he/she must complete the syllabus first. Solving the previous year’s paper without completing the syllabus is not a good idea. The basic purpose of solving these papers is to build confidence in the candidate for the exam.

Benefits of solving previous year papers are-

  • Solving paper according to the time mentioned checks our speed of attempting question and can be corrected according to time limit.
  • Marks analysis is done by solving and candidate can check his/her level on basis of marks.
  • Candidate has to go through the mistakes which he/she has made in the test and make sure not to repeat them.
  • On solving these papers candidate develops a confidence which helps in examination.
  • As you solve more and more previous papers, the better you perform in exam.


Hope you all get what you wish. For any queries and questions or for any information contact us or leave us a comment. We’ll try our best Inshallah.

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