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Ministry of Agriculture of India and Farmer Welfare. Venture Capital Scheme

Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) is providing an interest-free loan to farmers or agripreneurs to help them financially. The Ministry of Agriculture of India has started a new scheme in which called the ‘Venture Capital Scheme’.It is financial support in the form of an interest-free loan provided by SFAC to qualifying projects to meet the shortfall in the capital requirement for the implementation of the project.

Objective of this Scheme

Ministry of Agriculture of India Scheme Eligibility

If one has to be the part of this scheme then he/she has to lie in the eligibility criteria-

Benefits of this Scheme

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Ministry of Agriculture in India Scheme Application Procedure

If one wants to apply for this scheme the application procedure is online by filling up the form, no offline applications will be accepted.

Documents Required before filling the application form

When you have all the above documents the start filling up the Application Form and when you submit the form, you have to submit all the documents mentioned above along with the application form.

Note: Make sure that u have extra photo copy of all the documents rerquired along with application form and also take the print out of application form after submittion.

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