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Driving License Online Form | Driving license Number Check.

Driving License Online Form Driving license Number Check.

Driving License Online Form

If you want to drive a car or ride a bike then, learning is the first step. Once you learned how to ride, the first mandatory step is to fill the Driving License online form for having a driving license as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 or apply offline by going to Regional Transport Office (RTO).

Driving in public areas without a driving license, a fine is there and is a punishable offense. Nowadays applying for a driving license is much easier than before because of online procedures. Unlike, standing in the long lines at RTO to apply.

1.How to apply for Learner License online

A learning license is a temporary license for the applicant for a particular duration of time. Applying for this is no more difficult now, since when the online process is started. Just follow these simple steps-

  1. For the Driving license online form visit the driving license website.
  2. A window will open, select the ‘Drivers/Learners license’ option.
  3. On the homepage of the Sarathi website, enter the state from which you belong.
  4. Then, choose the option, ‘Apply for Learner License’ option.
  5. After clicking this option, an instruction page will open showing the steps for a complete application for Learner License. Press continue.
  6. In the new window, enter your category like ‘General, Foreigner, Physically Challenged’ from the dropdown dialogue box.
  7. Then, among the three options choose one accordingly-
  8. Applicant does not hold Driving/ Learner Licence– select this if you are a new applicant.
  9. If Applicant holds Driving Licence– choose this option when an applicant has a driving license.
  10. Applicant holds Learner Licence– select this option when an applicant has a learner license.
  11. Fill the application form appear on the screen and click on submit option.
  12. Then Upload the documents asked and then upload the photo and signature.
  13. After uploading the documents, submit the fees, then verify your fees slip and take the printout of it.
  14. Then, book the slot for Learner License Test.

Slot Booking for Learning license Test

Applicants can book the slot for the test of learning license through the Sarathi website. The message is sent to the applicant whose application form is processed. The following can register slot through the website-

Applicants from these states and Union Territories will have to visit the website of the Regional Transport Authority in their state and book a slot.

Applicants from the places other than mentioned above can register slot through a Sarathi Website in the following steps-

A calendar with the available slots will open in a new tab. Select the date and check for availability before confirming the appointment.

Types of Learning Licenses in India

Learning and Driving License Eligibility in India

The eligibility criteria for a learner’s as well as a driver’s license depending on the type of vehicle. For different types of people, learner license is different like-

Apart from all, the applicant must know all the traffic rules and guidelines and must have his/her valid age and address proof documents.

Documents needed to get Learner License in India

Applicants applying for learner licenses offline must have the following documents with them at RTO and if applying online he/she must have a scanned copy of the documents for upload. These documents are-

  1. Age Proof (any one of the following document)-
    1. PAN Card
    2. Birth Certificate
    3. 10th class certificate
    4. Transfer Certificate from any school in which DOB is mentioned.
    5. Passport
  2. Address Proof (any one of the following document)-
    1. Aadhar Card
    2. Passport
    3. Ration Card
    4. Recent electricity and telephone bill
    5. House papers
    6. LIC or bank statements
  3. Learner’s License application fees
  4. If you are residing in other cities, you can submit the rental agreement with a copy of a recent utility bill like electricity bill or gas bill as current address proof.
  5. At least six copies of passport size photographs
  6. Medical Certificate- Form 1A or Form 1 signed by a government doctor (if an applicant is applying for renewal and is above 40 years of age).
  7. Filled application form.

Apply for Learning License offline in India

If an applicant is facing a problem applying LL online or if the state transport department is not giving this facility, he/she can also apply offline. Just the applicant has to visit the locality RTO. Follow these steps for the offline procedure-

  1. Obtain Form 2 or Form 3 for the application of learner’s license with the passport size photograph. You can download this form from the above link or from the official website, if can’t access online then take from the RTO.
  2. Complete your application form, paste the photograph wherever required, attach age and address proof copies of the documents and submit them into your locality RTO. After submission book the slot for the test of LL.
  3. Present at the test center on the time and date you have selected. If you passed the test then the LL will be send to the registered address or will be available from the RTO only.
  4. If the applicant is learning driving from the registered institution then, they will help him/her to get LL.

Learning License Test Procedure in India

All the applicants of LL must have to apply for the test which might be offline/online based on the rules and guidelines of the road and also on the person’s capability. If you pass the test successfully then you will get LL. Some of the important points for the test procedure-

Reasons why you need LL in India

Some of the reasons are mention here that why do we need a learning license in India-

2. New Application for Driving License Online

After you completed the period of learning license, the application for a Driving license has to begin. For application, you need to fill driving license online form which is available on the Sarathi website. Follow these steps to apply for a driving license online form-

  1. Visit official Sarathi website fir driving license online form.
  2. On your left hand side, you will see options under “Driving Licence”.
  3. Choose “Apply Online” option and from the drop down choose “New Driving Licence”.
  4. Now, a tab will open for instruction. Read them and click on to continue option.
  5. After clicking on to continue option, it will ask ‘Learner’s Licence Number/Foreign DL NUmber/ Defence Licence Number’. Choose the correct one and continue.
  6. Based on the above choice, enter it’s LL number and then enter your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format.
  7. As you enter the asked information, press OK.
  8. After that, a tab will open asking for your personal details thenn you have to upload your documents like age, address, identity proofs. Proceeding after this you have to upload your photograph and signature. Make sure you have scanned photocopies of them.
  9. As you upload all the documnets required, it will ask to select the time and date of Driving license test online. Select the DL test date and go directly to RTO for the test.
  10. Once payment is submit for your driving licence application form, then your application will be successfully sent to the RTO.
  11. On your appointment day, make sure you reach few minutes early and give your test.
  12. On the completion of the form and reviewed by the applicant, click on to submit option to end the form.
  13. After sunmission, a automated web application number is there, note it for future use to check the status of the application.

How to Apply for Driving License Offline in India

It is a very simple and easy procedure to apply offline for a driving license. For this applicant has to go to RTO and follow these steps to complete the procedure of application-

  1. The applicant has to obtain driving license form 4 which is application form for motor vehicle driving license. This form is also available for download through online and can also be obtain from RTO.
  2. Complete the form and attach all the proofs of address, age and identity required. Submit it to the RTO of your locality. Also, fix the date and time for the slot of driving license test.
  3. Be present at the center of test at fixed time and date selected by applicant. If you passed the test then your license is send to the registered address or awarded their only.
  4. Also, if you are taking driving lesson from a Driving school, the school will help you apply for a driving licence.

Documents Required for Driving License Online in India

List of documents to be submitted with the application for driving license online form-

Driving License Number Check Online

If you want to check driving license verification online, follow these steps-

  1. Select your state from the ‘Select State Name’ in drop down menu.
  2. After that, you will get an option to choose the RTO. Select the name of RTO from the ‘RTO Name’ drop down menu.
  3. Enter your first name, middle name, last name and DOB.
  4. Enter the captcha code.
  5. Click on ‘Submit’.

Driving License Correction Online

If a person has some mistakes in the driving license like mistakes in address, name, or DOB then all of these can be resolved by following these steps of the particular detail.

How To correct address in Driving License?

To change the address in the driving license first of all check the list of documents required for the correction of the license.

Documents required to change the address in driving license online

Procedure to change address in DL

  1. Visit the official website of India by clicking here.
  2. Select you state then, click on Apply Online and then choose the “Apply for Change of Address” option.
  3. Popup showing instruction appear on screen, read it and continue.
  4. Now enter the DL number and DOB, and verify it then procedue by clicking on the option “Get DL Details”.
  5. Now your driving license will appear on the screen, confirm the driving license by selecting the option yes.
  6. Check it and at the bottom enter the pincode and select proceed option.
  7. A new page will open, check all the details and enter details if some of them are missed, then click confirm option.
  8. Now, on next page, multiple services will display select the required service and then proceed.
  9. On the next step, page will appear asking for the address to be changes (Permanent, Present, Both) select the required option.
  10. Now, detail form will open fill that form and if BOTH option is selected then fill all the details asked.
  11. After that fill Self declaration form as to Physical Fitness Details by clicking on the option provided.
  12. After entering the details and filled FORM 1 of declearation of physical fitness click submit, then two points decleration will appear at the bottom select the appropiate option and submit.
  13. Now slip of application number appears, download it. Now go down and check the Upload Documents and click on the Proceed button. Click Choose File and upload the document and tap on the Next Button.
  14. Now make a payment, select it, and select one of the Payment Gateway and pay.

Other Correction Wich can be made Online in DL

To make changes in the above option in the driving license, follow these steps-

  1. Visit the official website of India by clicking here.
  2. Select you state then, click on Apply Online and then choose the “Apply for Change of Address” option.
  3. Popup showing instruction appear on screen, read it and continue.
  4. Now enter the DL number and DOB, and verify it then procedue by clicking on the option “Get DL Details”.
  5. Now your driving license will appear on the screen, confirm the driving license by selecting the option yes.
  6. Check it and at the bottom enter the pincode and select proceed option.
  7. A new page will open, check all the details and enter details if some of them are missed, then click confirm option.
  8. Now, on next page, multiple services will display select the required service and then proceed.
  9. Then after that enter all the details asked, fill decleration, upload documents, pay fees and download the application number. Which is used to track the application of DL.

Driving License Duplicate Online Procedure

The applicant can apply for duplicate DL online as this function is allowed in many states. You can search it online and can apply, in case it is not available in the applicant’s state then, he/she has to visit locality RTO. Follow these steps to apply online for Duplicate DL-

  1. Fill the Form 1 (LLD Form) completely and upload all the nessery documents required. Fill LLD form in such a manner-
    1. Enter you full name and address in the form as mentioned in the license.
    2. It is mendatory to mention the reason for applying driving license duplicate in the LLD form.
    3. Also, applicant have to mention the driving license number, class of driving with license expired date and holder name on DL.
    4. Also, applicant have to submit the deceleration that his/her license is not impounded.
    5. As applicant entered all the information, he/she has to do sign and enter place and date wherever required.
    6. If applicant fill the form online, he/she can reset or save the entries. After saving applicant will recieve pdf of the document. Take printout of pdf, sign it and attach photographs where required.
  2. Submit the LLD form to RTO from where applicant has originally got DL. Attach all the nesseary documents and there is no need to give driving test again.
  3. Once this process is over, a recipt is handed over to the applicant which will work as DL till when the duplicate DL is delivered to the registered address via a post.

Driving License Duplicate Offline form procedure

If the duplicate driving license online form facility is not available in your state then don’t worry, you can apply offline also in a guided and simple way. Just follow these steps-

  1. Visit to RTO from where the original DL is made. Fill the LLD form for duplicate driving license. Complete it and sign it where required.
  2. Attach all the suporting documents and some additional documents required for the duplicate DL. Attach all of then and submit them with form.
  3. Pay the required nominal fees for the duplicate DL. A slip is given to applicant as a DL till the Duplicate DL is recieved to the applicant on the registered address via apost.

How to Renew Driving License Online

According to the India Motor Act 1988, every person who drives a vehicle lie under any category must have a driving license. It is an official document for every individual from the government to drive vehicles on road. This document which also acts as identity proof has a certain date of expiry after which it has to be renewed. The renovation period of DL is 30 days or 1 month. The fine is charges and the person comes in the law violation if his/her license is not renewed within time or found without a driving license. You can also renew your DL online mode by filling up Form-9. Follow these steps-

  1. Visit the driving license parivahan website.
  2. Under the column of ‘Online Services’ choose ‘Driving license related Services’ option for your driving license update.
  3. A new tab will open of driving license Sarathi website, choose option of apply ‘Online for DL renewal’.
  4. Now, instruction page will open, click continue.
  5. New tab will open, now enter your current license number and DOB and proceed to next step.
  6. Next, you come to the “required services” for that number of license, choose ‘renewal’ option.
  7. Now enter the personal or vehical related details in the form.
  8. After all these steps, you will be redirected to an Acknowledgement page where you will be able to view your application ID. Applicant will also recieve SMS with all the details in it.
  9. Now, visit the RTO and submit the driving license online form for renewal which is available on state RTO portal and all the required documents.
  10. When the documents for renewal of driving license verify, it’ll be delivered to the registered address within 15 days via a post.

Driving License Test Question

As the applicant books a slot for a driving/learning license he/she has to give a test which can be offline or online depending on the situation. The question that is asked may be multiple choice questions or simple one-line answer questions. So, for that test applicants must be prepared. Here are some frequently asked questions, you can download and can read.

Driving License Print and Online Download

If due to some reason your license is destroyed or lost, in that case, if you have the soft copy of it then, just take the driving license print by download it from the portal. For this process follow the steps-

  1. Go on to the official Parivahan website home page.
  2. In a new tab, select ‘Online Services’ option from the menu and then select ‘Driving License Related Services’.
  3. New page will open, select the state and then, option page will open.
  4. Click on to ‘Other’ option from the menu bar and choose ‘Search Related Applications’.
  5. In the “Search Creteria ” option select DL no and then enter the DL no and DOB,
  6. As you enter the details and submit, it shows the details of your DL as per the number entered. Click on to the DL number then, your DL will appear.
  7. Just click on the ‘Print’ option to print the driving license.
Note: Applicant can also download their DL form mParivahan app or from Digilocker by simply Login to the accounts.

Driving license Helpline

If you face any problem related to DL, then the applicant can directly contact the online service of driving license on their number-

Driving license and RTO customer care number with 24x7 support- 1800 1800 151
Phone no  : 0120-2459169 from ( 6 am to 10 pm) all days
E-mail id :

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