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Aadhar Card Status Update | Aadhar Card Correction Form

Aadhar Card Status Update Aadhar Card Correction Form

Aadhar Card Status Update

You can check your Aadhar Card Status Update online and offline after having the acknowledgment slip. To check you just have to provide an Aadhar card enrollment number to track your UIDAI Aadhar status. Here are the following methods to check status-

Check Aadhar Card Status by following Methods

You can use methods like Aadhar enrollment number, address status check, or through India post to check the status. These methods are explained in detail below-

Check Status of Aadhar Card by Enrollment Number

An applicant can check the status by visiting UIDAI official website. No fees charges are there to check the status from the online portal. Follow these steps to check the Aadhar card status update by enrollment number.

  1. Visit Aadhar Card online portal of UIDAI.
  2. Now enter your enrollment ID (EID) to check your Aadhar Card Update Status.
  3. Enter your 14-digit enrollment number in EID which is given on the top of the acknowledgement slip or enter 14-digit date and time of your enrollment which is optional.
  4. After entering the EID, enter the captcha code.
  5. Now, click Check Status.
  6. You acn also download E-aadhar form the E-Aadhar option.
  7. In case you want to get your Aadhaar on mobile, you can select the Get Aadhaar on Mobile option.
  8. The Aadhar card update status will be sent on your registered mobile number.

Check Aadhar Card Status without Enrollment Number

If accidentally you lost your acknowledgment slip and not having an enrollment number. If you found it’ll be good, otherwise you can check status without enrollment also. Follow these steps-

  1. Visit UIDAI portal to retreve your enrollment number.
  2. Now, after entering the portal, enter the details such as name, mobile number, e-mail address.
  3. Then, enter the security code and submit.
  4. An OTP will come on registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and verify it.
  5. After verification, your enrollment number/Aadhar will arrive on registered mobile number and on email.
  6. Then, by entering the enrollment number, you can check your Aadhar Status.

Either, you can enter TOTP ( time-based one time password) generated by an algorithm which is valid only  for 30 seconds and is available on m-Aadhaar mobile app.

Check Aadhar Card Update Status for Address by URN (Update request number)

When the applicant successfully updates the address for the radar card, he/she will receive a 14 digit Update Request Number (URN). This 14 digit URN is sent to the applicant’s registered mobile number via SMS. This number is used to track the Aadhar Card Update Status.

To check the status follow these steps-

  1. Visit UIDAI Online Portal for URN Status.
  2. Enter your aadhar number and URN.
  3. Enter the ‘Captcha Code’ for verification.
  4. Now click on ‘Check Status’.
  5. You will now receive the status of your Aadhaar update.

Check Aadhar Card Status by your mobile number

Follow these steps to check the status of the Aadhar card with Mobile Number.

  1. Type the following SMS “UID STATUS <14 digit enrolment number>” and send it to 51969.
  2. The applicant will recieve the SMS on registered mobile number if generated.
  3. If not, an SMS is sent to the applicant with the current status of the Aadhaar.

Check Aadhar Update Status through Indian Post

When UIDAI despatches the Aadhar after it is generated, it will be sent to the applicant’s residential address via Indian Post in 60-90 days. Aadhar Card tracking can be done through Indian Post by following steps.

  1. Visit India Post’s official website.
  2. Enter consignment details that you get from the Aadhaar website.
  3. Details of your Aadhaar consignment will be displayed on the screen.

To check the delivery status of the Aadhaar, the applicant can track his Aadhaar number at any India Post branch as well for tracking Aadhar card status update.

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Aaadhar Card Correction Form

If you want to make changes to your aadhar card then, you will need to submit the correction form. You can download the correction form online from the UIDAI official website or the given link below.

Aadhar Card Form is submitted if the applicant wants to make changes in the details of the aadhar card that have already been entered. This same is also used in the enrollment process. The Pre-Enrolment ID, UID, biometric update, name, gender, address, email ID, mobile number, date of birth, and age are some of the details that are mentioned in the form.

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Aadhar Card Address Correction Online

If you want to make changes to your address, you can submit the Aadhar card correction form online. However, your aadhar card must be linked to your mobile number. Follow the steps to make corrections in your aadhar.

  1. Visit the Aadhar UIDAI portal.
  2. Enter your Aadhar Number and then, fill the Captcha code.
  3. Then, click on ‘Send OTP’.
  4. Enter the OTP recieved on the registered mobile number and then, click on to ‘Login’.
  5. Nwe page will open showing the following option to make correction in address-
    1. Update Address via Address Proof
    2. Update Address via Secret Code (this is if you already have an Address Validation Letter).
  6. Nwe address option will be provided and current address is visiable if choosing first option.
  7. Enter the relevant details and click on ‘Preview’.
  8. You will have the option to edit the details or submit them.
  9. Next, you must upload an original scanned copy of a valid proof of address.
  10. You’ll recieve URN (Update Request Number) through SMS, when uploaded the copy of aadhar. By using this URN, stautus can be verified.

Aadhar Card Address Change Documents-

These are the following documents required to change/update the address in the aadhar card.

Aadhar Card Name Correction

If you want to change/ update the existing name in the aadhar card, then follow these steps-

  1. Visit the nearest Aadhar Card enrollment center.
  2. Fill the correction/update form.
  3. Fill the current mobile number in the form.
  4. Your request will be registered by the executive at the Aadhaar Enrolment/Update centre.
  5. Now, you will receive an acknowledgement slip containing the URN.
  6. You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 50 for availing this service.

Aadhar Card Phone Number Change/Update

There are many chances when people change the registered mobile number in the Aadhar card. For this, follow these steps for Aadhar Card mobile number change

  1. Visit the nearest Aadhar Card enrollment center.
  2. Fill the correction/update form.
  3. Fill the current mobile number in the form.
  4. Mention the previous mobile number also.
  5. You don’t have to show any document to change mobile number.
  6. The executive will register your request.
  7. The executive will give the acknowledgement slip containing the URN.
  8. Visit the nearest Aadhar Card enrollment center.
  9. Fill the correction/update form.
  10. Fill the current mobile number in the form.
  11. The executive will register your request.
  12. Now, you will receive an acknowledgement slip containing the URN.
  13. You will have to pay a fee of Rs. 50 for availing this service.

Aadhar card Date of Birth Correction.

To make changes in DOB in Aadhar Card, follow these steps-

  1. Visit the nearest Aadhar Card enrollment center.
  2. Fill the correction/update form for DOB.
  3. Submit the proof for DOB along with the correction form.
  4. You need  to give your biometrics to authenticate your identity.
  5. Now, you will receive an acknowledgement slip containing URN.
  6. You have to pay a fee of Rs.50 to the executive.
  7. Your Dob will ne updated in Aadhar in 90 Days.

Update Aadhar Card Details through Post

You can make changes in you aadhar through offline as well as by sending request post to UIDAI. These are the following steps involving-

  1. Download the correction form from above link or from the online Portal.
  2. Fill the required details to make changes in aadhar.
  3. Attach the photocopies of the documents that validated the change made in aadhar.
  4. Send the form along with self attested documents photocopies and send to given postal address-

Address 1: UIDAI

Post-Box No. 10,
Madhya Pradesh – 480001,

Address 2: UIDAI

Post-Box No. 99,
Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad – 500034,

Submit Aadhar Card Correction Form Offline

Following are the steps for submitting correction forms to near Aadhar card centers are-

  1. Visit the near aadhar card center and ask for the correction form. You can also download it from UIDAI site or from the link given above.
  2. Applicant must have to carry the original documents while visiting the enrollment centers.
  3. Once you submit the form, the operator will verify the information that has been provided. An acknowledgment will be provided with the EID mentioned in it. You can use the EID to track the status of the request.

Things Applicant should remember while filling the Aadhar Form

Now, when you know how to make corrections in aadhar card offline as well as online and how to submit it. One should also keep these small things in mind to prevent any type of mistake.

Supported POA Documents

Aadhar Card Application Procedure

Aadhaar is a 12-digit number that is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to residents of India. To qualify for an Aadhaar number, you have to complete multiple checks and data validation. These checks will be done when you apply for your card.

There is no cost for applying for the aadhar card. Below are the steps mentioned for getting an aadhar card number.

Step-1 Locate the Aadhar Enrollment Center

If you the applying for yourself or your family, you have to visit the aadhar enrollment center. There are no such processing fees for Aadhar enrollment. You can visit any center either near you or any other place.

How to apply for Aadhar Card at Enrollment Center

Aadhaar card new apply is by searching for an enrolment center close to you by visiting the UIDAI website and selecting and entering information by:

After entering the details in these fields, it will show the address of enrollment centers near you. It will also show the other information like if the center is temporary/permanent, the number of enrollment and updates completed in the last 30 days, and the last date information was updated.

Step-2 Applying for Aadhar with documents at Enrollment Center

After you choose your enrollment center, visit the center with certain documents. They may be-

Step-3 Enrolling process for Aadhar

Once you visit the enrollment center with the required documents for identity and address proof, then complete these steps to complete the enrollment process for aadhar.

Apply for Aadhar Card without any document

If you don’t have an Aadhar card then proceed to Aadhar card apply but not having documents proof for the identity and resident, in such conditions you can take the help of the introducer authorized by UIDAI for the application of aadhar. The following are the steps involving in this procedure-

  1. Visit the Enrollment center of Aadhar.
  2. Fill the details in Aadhar correction/update form correctly.
  3. Get the authorization form the introduced authorized by the registered office.
  4. Submit the form to the authorized executive.
  5. Give the data such as biometric scans, iries scans and photograph.
  6. Acknowledgement slip is generated after the registration and slip containing enrollment number is used to check Aadhar Card Update Status.
  7. Your aadhar registered message is sent to registered mobile number as well as card is send to the registered address via post within 90 days.

Methods to Download Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card can act as both identification proof as well as residential proof. After completing the application process of Aadhar, an applicant can download the electronic copy of aadhar (E-Aadhar) from the official website of UIDAI and take a printout for further use. This E-Aadhar is protected by password and can be accessed by login into the UIDAI. This protected E-aadhar is as valid as the original one.

Visit the website to download E-Aadhar.

To know how to download the E-aadhar watch the video-

Download E-Aadhar

Following are the methods to download E-Aadhar-

1. Download Aadhar using your Aadhar number

If you already have your aadhar card then, you can download the e-aadhar using your 12 digit aadhar number. Follow these steps to download-

  1. Search on to visit official portal.
  2. Enter your 12 digit Aadhar number in the format of (1234/1234/1234).
  3. Mark the checkbox of masked aadhar if you want e-aadhar with masked number in it.
  4. Enter the captcha code.
  5. Then, choose OTP or TOTP(temperory otp valid for 30 seconds only,generated by a validation server).
  6. Enter the OTP and then procedue to download your E-Aadhar.

2.Download and Check Aadhar Card Status Aadhar using Enrollment ID (EID)

Download your electronic aadhar using the enrollment ID also mention on the Acknowledgement slip. to download e-aadhar using EID follow these steps-

  1. Now, enter the 14 digit ENO number mentioned on the acknowledgent slip.
  2. Below that on right side, click on the calender icon and enter the date-time (in 14 digit) as mentioned in the slip.
  3. Checkout the masked option if you want otherwise leave it.
  4. Enter the captcha provided.
  5. Select OTP or TOTP from the option.
  6. Then, enter the OTP code and verify it.
  7. Then, download your E-aadhar.

3.Download Aadhar using Virtual ID

Using Virtual ID, an applicant can also download his/her E-Aadhar. Just follow these steps-

  1. Enter the 16 digit virtual identification number.
  2. Now, enter the 14 digit ENO number mentioned on the acknowledgent slip.
  3. Below that on right side, click on the calender icon and enter the date-time (in 14 digit) as mentioned in the slip.
  4. Checkout the masked option if you want otherwise leave it.
  5. Enter the captcha provided.
  6. Select OTP or TOTP from the option.
  7. Then, enter the OTP code and verify it.
  8. Then, download your E-aadhar.

4.Download Aadhar using mAadhar app and check Aadhar card status

If the applicant uses mobile then, mAadhar is the official app from which the applicant can download e-aadhar and can also check Aadhar Card update status. Follow these steps to download-

To download the mAadhar app for mobile click here.

  1. Login into the mAadhar application.
  2. If you have already added your mobile number to your Aadhaar at the time of enrolment, you can download your Aadhaar card.
  3. You will receive an SMS with an OTP on your registered mobile number. App will automatically detect the OTP and enter it.
  4. You can add up to three profiles (such as those of your family members) on one device, provided all profiles have the same mobile number as their registered mobile number (I.e., on their Aadhaar).

5.Download Aadhar using your Name and DOB

If due for some reason you lost your EID, you can get back your enrollment ID with the help of Name & Date of Birth. Follow the steps for this procedure-

  1. To retrieve the number open the link for the lost EID in UIDAI portal.
  2. Select the option of Enrollment ID (EID).
  3. Enter the full name as entered in the Aadhar card.
  4. Fill the mobile number (make sure the number must be same when applied at the time of enrollment).
  5. Also, enter the registered e-mail address.
  6. Enter the captcha provided.
  7. Select ‘Send OTP’ or ‘Send TOTP’.
  8. Enter the OTP or TOTP.
  9. You will then receive your EID.
  10. Note down the Enrollment number and the follow the option to download aadhar by using EID number.

6. Download Aadhar using Digilocker

Another mobile application you can use to download your Aadhaar card is DigiLocker and aimed to make India paperless under Government Digital India Section.

Steps to download from Digilocker are-

  1. Download Digilocker and Signin in the application.
  2. Select a partner and document that you are looking for. In this case, it would be UIDAI.
  3. Select the dropdown and click ‘Aadhar’.
  4. Then, enter the aadhar number and verify the OTP sent on registered mobile number.
  5. Once downloaded, your Aadhar card will appear under the ‘Issued’ section of the app.

Note: To download your Aadhaar using DigiLocker, you will have to first make sure that you have registered your mobile number with your Aadhaar card at the time of enrolment.

7.Download Aadhar card using UMANG

This app shows us the e-Governance services from central, state, and local bodies and agencies across India. This application is in integration with Digilocker.

Here are the steps to download aadhar via a UMANG.

  1. Register and log into your account.
  2. Go to ‘All Services’ and select ‘Aadhaar Card’.
  3. Select ‘View Aadhaar Card from DigiLocker’.
  4. This will redirect to Digilocker homepage. Signin or login into digilocker (If registering make sure the mobile number must be same as entered at the time of enrollment).
  5. Now, you see your aadhar card in digilocker.

Aadhar Card and PAN Card Link

An aadhar card must link to a PAN card as per the regulation of the government. E-filing website id used for aadhar card PAN card link. These are the following ways for aadhar card to PAN card link-

1.Without Login into the account

  1. Visit E-Filing website.
  2. Go under the option of ‘Our Services’.
  3. Fill all the as asked like
    1. PAN;
    2. Aadhaar no.,
    3. Name as exactly specified on the Aadhaar card (avoid spelling mistakes), and
    4. Mobile number
  4. If only year of birth is mentioned in your Aadhaar card, then select the check box asking “I have only year of birth in Aadhaar card”.
  5. Checkout the validate checkbox.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. An OTP sent on registered mobile number, verify that OTP to complete the process.

2. Login into your Account

  1. Register yourself on income tax E-filing portal.
  2. Then, enter user ID to login into the account.
  3. Confirm the secure access message and enter the password.
  4. As you login into the account, click on ‘Link Aadhar’ option.
  5. Fill all the details appear on the screen.
  6. Then,click on ‘Link Aadhaar’ button.
  7. A success message popup will appear informing of successful linked aadhar and PAN card.

3. Aadhar to PAN Card link via a SMS

You can also link your aadhar card to your PAN card through the SMS facility. The Income Tax Department has urged taxpayers to link their Aadhaar with their PAN, using an SMS-based facility. It can be done by sending an SMS to either 567678 or 56161. Send SMS to 567678 or 56161 from your registered mobile number in the following format: 

UIDPAN<SPACE><12 digit Aadhaar><Space><10 digit PAN> 

Example: UIDPAN 123456789123 AKPLM2124M

Aadhar Card Customer Care Number

The toll-free number of customer care for Aadhar is ‘1800 300 1947’.

Coustomer Care servics for Aadhar Card Update and to Contact

Mail Id

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